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Our Process

4 Stage Approach

Our Search solution targets areas of the recruitment process that present most risk of hiring and performance failure.


Bespoke performance profiles, enable us to gain an in-depth understanding of performance criteria for the position. In this stage we cover:

  • Understanding your hiring needs
  • Defining success within the position
  • Creating a clear performance profile to take to market.


Our approach to market mapping is designed to meticulously interrogate the talent landscape. In this stage we:

  • Scope and map out relevant competitors in your market
  • Intensively search our global network of contacts
  • Create robust target list of candidates


As part of our evaluation and assessment process we take candidates through three stages designed to rigorously test their suitability. During this stage we:

  • Conduct initial screening interview
  • Competency and performance evaluation
  • Psychometric profiling


As part of a successful hiring process, we will lead and guide you through the full process including the completion and exchange of contracts. This includes:

  • Offer management and signed contracts
  • Coaching candidates through resignation/onboarding process
  • Onboarding support and integration
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